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Episode 6 - What's new in Spring 2.5? (ETE Presentation)

This presentation, by Rossen Stoyanchev from SpringSource, was delivered at the 2008 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference.  Rossen discusses changes in the Spring Framework version 2.5, concerning Java and J2EE, AspectJ, OSGi, Annotation-driven configuration, Spring MVC, and new testing support with the TestContext framework.

You can find the presentation slides on our web site at

Don't forget to visit the show notes page at

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Episode 5 - Interview:  Dmitry Sklyut on OSGi

Today's show features Dmitry Sklyut, a Chariot consultant who is an expert in the Spring Framework and has been researching the OSGi initiative.  We talk about OSGi as a platform, the various containers, tooling support, and integration with Spring.

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Episode 4 - Rails 101 by Aaron Mulder (ETE Conference Session)

Today's show features Aaron Mulder and his Introduction to Rails talk.  It was recorded at Chariot's 2008 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference.  You can find many of the presentations in the Downloads section of Chariot's web site,

Aaron's presentation is entitled Rails 101.  Click here for the PDF file and follow along.  iTunes users:  the URL is

The ETE conference was held at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.  Learn more about Drexel's iSchool at

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