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Episode 19 - Cloud Computing Panel Redux

Today's podcast is a redux of last Friday's "Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds" panel discussion. Moderated by Ken Rimple (me), our guests were

  • Kortina, a Google App / EC2 Developer
  • Chris Richardson, author of Manning's POJOs in Action and developer of CloudTools, an EC2 deployment framework
  • Chris Cera, CTO of Vuzit, an Amazon EC2 / S3-based product for managing various document formats online
  • Toby DiPasquale - a long-time user of Amazon EC2 and S3

The panel discussed various aspects of cloud computing, including administration, scalability, security, tools and various strategies. It's a good listen, with lots of interesting debate and dialog.

Enjoy the show. Please email your comments to Show notes will be available within a few days.



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Episode 18 - Interview with Dan Diephouse of MuleSource

This podcast interview features Dan Diephouse of MuleSource.  We talk about his work on XFire, CXF and his current efforts with Mule.  We discuss WS-* and REST, and other web service integration issues.

Time is running out to sign up for the Chariot sponsored Cloud Computing Conference, Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds on October 17th, 2008 at the Penn State Great Valley campus in the western Philadelphia suburbs.

For more information about this and other Chariot Tech Cast shows, visit our shownotes page at

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