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Episode 33 - Peter Muir from JBoss on JSR-299 (JCDI) and the WebBeans RI

JSR-299, the API formerly known as WebBeans, is a Java-based configuration and dependency injection system for the Java EE platform.  In fact, the JSR has been renamed as such with the short name JCDI, and the original title 'webbeans' went to the reference implementation, which is being led by my guest, Pete Muir of Redhat/JBoss.

Pete and I discuss the JSR, what features it brings to Java EE, where to find information about the specification, and the WebBeans reference implementation.

Links to information related to the episode:

  1. Pete blogs on the site:
  2. Pete's presentation on WebBeans and JSR-299
  3. Pete's Seam 3 Presentation
  4. Upcoming talk on JSR-299, hosted on Sun's "The Aquarium"
  5. Good reference book on WebBeans available from the Seam website (current link here)
  6. Official JSR-299 public draft #2 docs
  7. WebBeans user forum on the SeamFramework site

 Enjoy the interview!

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