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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 1 - (nee TechCast Episode 36) - Sean Blanda of

I had a great conversation with TechnicallyPhilly's Sean Blanda last week. We talked about how the Philly IT scene is still lively, and about how he and his two compadres Brian James Kirk and Christopher Wink gather and write up news on their lively and informative website. Technically Philly covered our Philadelphia Emerging Tech show in the spring.

  1. Someone who bikes a lot on the trails in Philly (we have a lot of good road biking trails here) wrote an app to track crime on the trail.
  2. Read their article about recycled machines ending up in Ghana
  3. Read up on the state funding issues for Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a capital group based in Philadelphia.

Enjoy the website.  You can hit it from or if you don't want to type so much, and it's iPhone friendly.

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Episode 35 - A few beers with Chariot's Open Source Integration Experts

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable chat over drinks with four of our integration experts.  I wanted to discuss some of the issues facing companies today, including how to approach integration projects, and when to use technologies like SOA ESB platforms. 

My guests were:

  1. Rod Biresch
  2. Tom Purcell
  3. Roberto Rojas
  4. Steve Smith

You can read their blogs by visiting their links on Chariot's Bloggers Page.

We had some interesting discussions around open source tools.

Key Topics:

  1. SOA Platforms
    1. Apache ServiceMix
    2. Fuse
    3. Mulesource Mule ESB
  2. Integration Tools
    1. Spring Integration
    2. Apache Camel
  3. Tools and Techniques
    1. Enterprise Integration Patterns
    2. Governance tools such as Mule Galaxy
    3. Monitoring Tools such as Hyperic / Mule HQ / JBoss JON / SpringSource AMS

Feedback always welcomed!

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Episode 34 - James Ward on Flex 4, Flash Builder, and more

Today's guest is James Ward, of Adobe Systems.  James is a technology evangelist on Flex and AIR solutions for Adobe.  We talked about the upcoming Flex 4.0 SDK, Flash Builder (the new name for Flex Builder) and other topics such as remoting, AMF and various implementations of the AMF format.

This is a good podcast to listen to if you are interested in the future of Flex, as there are some significant changes and improvements on the horizon.

Items of note:

  1. Flash Builder Beta - Download link.
  2. Flex 4.0 Beta (Gumbo) - Project homepage.
  3. AMF binary remoting and BlazeDS
  4. Some UI frameworks - PureMVC, Swiz and SmartyPants (IoC based), Parsley (also mentioned Matt(e) but no link handy.)
  5. RubyAMF
  6. James' web site
  7. Drunk on Software!

Enjoy the podcast, I think you'll find it informative.

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