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Episode 41 - Andres Almiray on Groovy Griffon, THE Swing UI Framework

Our guest on this episode is Andres Almiray, key contributor to the Groovy Griffon project at CodeHaus.  Griffon is an MVC framework and application development platform for building Swing-based applications, and can be configured to execute Applets, Java Applications and Web Start projects.

Andres talks about the Griffon MVC framework, plugins, Addons, event dispatching, and a lot more.


Griffon home
Griffon Mailing Lists
The Grails project, the starting point for the core of Griffon

The Griffon Team
Andres Almiray -
Danno Ferrin -
James Williams -
Guillaume Laforge
Jim Shingler
Josh A. Reed

You can follow twitter updates from the team at @theaviary

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Episode 40 - A roundtable discussion with the Open Solutions Alliance

Disclosure:  Chariot is an integration partner with the OSA.


Nick Halsey - Marketing and Product Management at JasperSoft
Debbie Moynahan - Community management and marketing for Fuse Open Source @ Progress SW
Deb Woods - Product management at Ingres
Anthony Gold - President of Open Solutions Alliance and board member of Blue Nog, CEO of Healthy Humans


  1. White paper:  Open Source Consolidation in the Data Warehouse Market
  2. Obama's Open Source for America initiative.
  3. OSA Datasheet
  4. Interop Datasheet
  5. 2009 Annual Prediction Survey 
  6. Website for the Open Solutions Alliance: (also note that homepage hosts a comprehensive Google calendar of upcoming open source events)
  7. Top Ten Reasons to Adopt Open Source in the Enterprise

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