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Eric and Ken talk about Amazon's new DNS server, Route 53, discuss Matt Raible's excellent web frameworks comparison study, discuss resources for Scala from the Basement Coders, talk about a new mixin feature request around the Ruby language, and more.

Disclaimers: Chariot is a SpringSource partner, and uses Amazon and Google services. The opinions of Eric and Ken do not reflect anything other than their viewpoints. Enjoy.

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James Ward has been a guest on numerous podcasts (ETE Evening Podcast - 2010, Episode 34, Episode 18).

He is here this week to give us the state of the state in Adobe's Flash-based RIA technologies, including Flex 4, Flash Catalyst, Air 2.5, and Adobe's support for HTML 5 and CSS 3.  We discuss mobile platform technologies as well, including how Air is being targeted as the mobile flash platform for Android, the Blackberry tablet, and iOS.



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Today's conference session is a talk from this week's Mobile Application Developer seminar series, held by Chariot Solutions, in Philadelphia. 

The talk, "State of the Art for Mobile Application Development", was given by Chariot's Don Coleman, who develops both enterprise and mobile applications in a variety of platforms and languages.  In this talk, he surveys the current landscape of APIs and platforms, and gives his perspective on where things are today, and where they may be moving to in the future.




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This week's show includes BREAKING NEWS (we need some sort of web effect for this) - Apple is joining the Open JDK.  Should really mix things up.

This podcast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions.  We're hiring!  Visit our recruiting page for more details. 

Sponsored Events:

Act now for savings - use discount code 'spring25' for 25% off either of the Spring courses.


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Recap session with Chariot's Gordon Dickens and Dmitry Sklyut.

Chariot is a SpringSource Education and Consulting partner.


  • Keynote
  • Spring Core
  • Spring Data
  • Grails and Reddis
  • Spring Integration
  • Roo 1.1 release


Sponsor Note

Visit Chariot Solutions' Education Calendar for details on upcoming training courses in Spring, Maven

There is still time to register for our Mobile Event and our Continuous Integration event, both held in the Philadelphia area.


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Ok, folks.  So many things happened in the past week that we needed to get an episode out to talk about them. Not that Eric or me have any line into correct reasoning behind anything, but we wanted to talk, so here it is:  our Cats-and-Dogs episode!

We have several debates raging in Java-land right now, between the "Spring is a legacy framework" bruhaha, the movement to OpenJDK by IBM, and Apple's deprecation of the OS X JDK.  We attempt to take no side, but we also leave no stone unturned (or is that Tern unstoned) in our efforts to open up debate on these topics...



Standard Podcast Disclaimers:

  • The views expressed are not those of Chariot Solutions, and are opinions of Ken and Eric
  • Chariot Solutions partners with JBoss and SpringSource

Send feedback to us on twitter!  @techcast for the show, or @krimple for Ken, @time2code for Eric



Ken and Eric

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Interview with Mark Fisher - SpringSource, a division of VMWare on Spring Integration

Hosts:  Ken Rimple & Gordon Dickens

Mark Fisher is an engineer at SpringSource, a division of VMWare, who leads the Spring Integration project.  He is a Spring consultant, contributor to the core framework, and works on projects such as Spring Flex Integration and the Spring AQMP project.  A long time member of SpringSource, back to the Interface21 days, Mark has deep roots in what makes Spring tick.

Spring Integration is, as Mark describes it, Spring meets Enterprise Integration Patterns.  In this talk, we discuss:

  • How Mark got involved in the Spring Framework
  • An overview of Spring Integration
  • Discussion of version 2.0 features, including a number of new adapters, additional patterns, enhancements brought with Spring 3.0 and more

Mark is also working on Spring Integration In Action for Manning, which should be released early next year.  He will be doing three talks at SpringOne in Chicago next week, covering Spring Integration, 

Technologies mentioned in this podcast include:

Disclosure : Chariot is a SpringSource consulting and education partner.

Sponsor Announcement

The Chariot TechCast podcast is sponsored by Chariot Solutions.

Chariot is holding training in various Spring courses before the end of the year, including the Spring Enterprise Integration course, which covers Spring Integration as well as Spring Batch, on 12/7.  More details can be found on our training calendar.

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Do you know why you're binding those HQL parameters? Want to make the simplest AppEngine application in Groovy? How about learning about why you're such a bad programmer (that includes all of us, according to the post).

All this and more in today's Developer News for Thursday October 7, 2010.

Have a great week!  - Ken and Eric.

Sponsored by: Chariot Solutions Events and Training for Fall/Winter 2010/11:

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We've all been very busy of late.  Just got a chance to catch up and so we have lots to talk about in episode #24. 


Upcoming Events

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Chariot DevNews Episode 23 - I hereby patent strange podcast episode titles...

(Sorry for the delay between shows lately.  It's the summer, and I was away on vacation...)

Especially THIS week, the opinions of Ken and Eric do not reflect the opinions of Chariot Solutions...

Speaking of this week, here are the links, found also on at

Links you can use!

Blog / Podcast Disclosure:  we have partnered or worked in various capacities with a number of the companies mentioned in the show, including Sun, Oracle, Google and SpringSource.

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Chariot DevNews Episode 22 - We've Got Mobile and CI, Digg and grails sharding, and more

Thanks to Kevin Griffin for joining Eric Snyder and myself this week.

Articles of interest


The Chariot DeveloperNews is sponsored by Chariot Solutions. In September we are running a number of training courses in the Spring Framework, including Enterprise Integration with Spring and Hibernate with Spring. We are also running two one-day Maven courses - an Intro and Advanced course. Check our course calendar at

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ETE 2010 Session #9 - Linda Rising - Deception and Estimation

We are pleased to release this recording of Linda Rising's talk on Deception and Estimation.  This is a one-hour talk, and is a good talk about how we deceive ourselves in a number of ways in life in general, and of course in the estimation process.

From the abstract:

"Cognitive scientists tell us that we are hardwired for deception. It seems we are overly optimistic, and, in fact, we wouldn’t have survived without this trait. With this built-in bias as a starting point, it’s almost impossible for us to estimate accurately.

That doesn’t mean all is lost. We must simply accept that our estimates are best guesses and continually re-evaluate as we go, which is, of course, the agile approach to managing change. Linda Rising has been part of many plan-driven development projects where sincere, honest people with integrity wanted to make the best estimates possible and used many “scientific” approaches to make it happen – all for naught. Re-estimation was regarded as an admission of failure to do the best up-front estimate and resulted in a lot of overhead and meetings to try to “get it right.” Offering examples from ordinary life – especially from the way people eat and drink – Linda demonstrates how hard it is for us to see our poor estimating skills and helps work with the self-deception that is hardwired in all of us."

Thanks to Linda Rising for speaking at ETE 2010 and letting us publish her talk.  


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Chariot DevNews Episode 21 - We have Rails 3 RC1, Grails and Griffon, and more!

In the DevNews today...

Sponsor Moment:

We are sponsored / supported by our employer, Chariot Solutions, a leader in development and integration services in areas such as Java, Spring, Flex and Ruby on Rails.  Visit to see our online training calendar.  We're hosting courses in Spring and Maven this fall.  Check us out today.

Podcast Disclosures:

We are partners with SpringSource, SonaType and Engine Yard, all of whom which may have been mentioned either directly or indirectly in this podcast.

Ken & Eric

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Chariot DevNews Episode 20 - Start, Finish, or Play the Game
Amongst our weaponry...

For the full list of developer news URLs we considered, head over to

Ken & Eric

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Chariot DevNews Episode 19 - Releases Releases, oh pay me, HTML5 salary please

Chariot Developer News Episode #19

Hosts: Ken Rimple and Eric Snyder

The watchword this week is Release... Many releases upcoming or out, including FireFox 4 beta/preview 1, Tomcat 7 beta 1, and the upcoming Passenger 3 and GMail with HTML 5.

Links are not being loaded to delicious yet, so here they are in their glory!

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ETE 2010 Session #8 - Bonnie Aumann - Are your developers BSing you?

Bonnie Aumann is an agile project manager and customer advocate for Algorithmics. Her ETE 2010 talk is entitled "Are your developers BS'ing you?" In this talk, she tries to cut through the potential blame game and IT culture issues by practicing rapid feedback and response, and Agile techniques.

Her abstract

"A question I’m often asked is how a non-technical manager like me can tell when their software team is pulling one over on them. This seems to be especially true of enterprise managers and points to structural problems with command and control development methodologies. The principlesof whole team interaction and the practices of rapid feedback and response in Agile seem to create an alternative culture in which things "just work."

Explicit tag warning

You'll hear the word "B.S." in long form several times in this talk, so anyone offended by this term should not tune in. However, it's done in context, and is very tasteful.


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Chariot DevNews Episode 18 - HTML 5, Google CL, Spring Security Patch, and more

Today's episode is #18.  We discuss a number of technologies.  LINKS, provided by the code snippet below!


If you're curious, here's how we fetched and converted the list from delicious rss using Groovy Console

def feed = new XmlSlurper()
  println "<ul>" { feedData ->
      println "<li><a href='${}' " +
println "</ul>"
return null 



Ken & Eric

PS - Standard disclosure:  Chariot Solutions is a SpringSource partner.

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ETE Session 2010 #7 - Audrey Troutt - Influencing your way to Agile


Our ETE 2010 Session today is "Influencing your way to Agile" by Audrey Troutt. Audrey Troutt is a Software Engineer at the Drexel Math Forum.  She can be reached on twitter at @auditty.

In this talk, Audrey describes ways to approach your team members, bosses, bosses bosses, and other types in a more productive, influential way.  She discusses common pitfalls and traps, and the talk is very informative as well as entertaining. At the end of the session she takes audience questions.

Her slides are available online.


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ETE 2010 Session #6 - Write once, run on any phone

ETE Session #6 is "Write Once, Run on Any Phone"

A session with Chariot's Aaron Mulder and Kevin Griffin.

They discuss three popular mobile frameworks that allow developers to write the software one time and deploy it to each phone platform supported by the framework.

Rhodes, Titanium and PhoneGap are featured.

Slides for the presentation can be found here.

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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 4 - Open Source Project Selection Part 2 with Joel Confino

In Part 1, Joel discussed licensing models.  In this episode, Joel and Ken talk about the other criteria in his selection process.  


  • License model - See BusinessCast Episode 3
  • Code Quality
    • JavaNCSS - Free tool (and maven plugin) to analyze lines of code / number of methods, MCCabe metrics etc...
    • JDepend - analyzes and checks for cyclic dependencies
  • Runtime Analysis
    • Do a performance test - check CPU, memory, I/O peaks, etc...
  • Design
    • Grade all software by reading the code, checking for code smell, etc. Set a short timebox to see if you can review the code and see structure, organization, etc...
    • Pay attention to Bob Martin's four design principles
    • Can you understand how they organized the code?
  • Project Velocity
  • Pedigree
  • Community
  • Market Penetration - is a good tool here
  • Documentation quality - can you read the docs?  Read the code and understand how the docs relate?  Dev, admin, test, install, etc.?
  • Support
  • Functionality and Features

Enjoy the podcast!

Joel and Ken

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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 3 - Joel Confino on Open Source Software selection - licensing

Today my guest is Chariot's Joel Confino.  He's worked as a consultant with a variety of open source technologies, including Java and Spring, for more than a decade.  Joel has been called upon by management types on various clients to advise in matters such as open source project selection, which can be a thorny process. Today we discuss an open source evaluation and selection process that he has developed and has been made available for review in a public journal (see below).

This is a two-part series.  In the first part, Joel lays out his selection criteria and why he feels most other selection processes are not comprehensive enough for the unique world of open source software.  We then dive into a very informative discussion of open source license models, including the GNU Public License, the Lesser GPL, the Apache license, and variations thereof.

Of course we aren't lawyers, so always consult one before making legal agreements.  But I think if you don't know a GPL from a LGPL, it's definitely worth listening to this talk.

Joel's research, also part of his Master's Thesis in Computer Science, is published in IGI Global's International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications, and is available for $30 online by the publisher.  Disclosure: Joel is not compensated for purchases of this paper.

In part 2, we discuss the other criteria, including code quality, project velocity, pedigree, community, market penetration, and more. We will spend a significant amount of time discussing both static and dynamic analysis of code.  Look for that to be released in a few days.

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ETE 2010 Session #5 - Social Media - Why Should I Care?  Panel Discussion.

Today's ETE 2010 Session is another panel discussion:

Social Media - why should I care? (session details).


Disclosure: Chariot Solutions collaborates on social media efforts with Team and a Dream


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Chariot DevNews Episode 17 - Roo, Gradle, Grails, Rails, Security and Cloud Backup

Our development news episode today is brought to you by the letter 'C'.  C is for Cloud.


Upcoming Events @ Chariot:

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ETE 2010 Session #4 - Panel Discussion - Challenges with Mobile Development

Today's ETE 2010 session is a panel discussion I chaired on mobile application development.  Panelists were:

  • Adum Blum - @AdamBlum - RhoMobile, a re-targetable mobile application development platform
  • Joe Conway - Big Nerd Ranch (Apple mobile developer, trainer, mentor, co-author of iPhone Programming)
  • Andrew Oswald - Chariot Solutions, developer of the ETE Android application representing Android development
  • Kevin Griffin - Chariot Solutions, mobile developer, with interests in open source mobile application development tools, experience with Blackberry, iPhone development




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Chariot DevNews Episode 16 - Hush huh, Py Py, Hush Hush Maven-I, HTML 5 (sing it!)

Your bi-(hopefully)weekly dish of developer news, served up fresh and hot.  Well, ok, one day later than originally recorded.

An un-expergated version of the links is available at


Chariot Training Events (shameless but relevant plug) related to the show

Partners discussed in this podcast:

  • Sonatype
  • SpringSource
  • Engine Yard
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Chariot TechCast Episode 55 - Interview with Boris Bokowski on Eclipse e4

Today we speak with Boris Bokowski, a committer on the Eclipse Platform UI project, and a Senior Software Engineer at IBM.  His participation in Ecilpse dates back to Eclipse 1.0, when he coded the CVS client for the IDE.

We discuss Eclipse e4, an incubator for new technologies on the Eclipse project.  There are several new features coming as a result of e4, including:

  • A new dependency injection framework for Eclipse bundles, based on the Java platform Dependency Injection JSR
  • A new Rich UI tool, built on Eclipse, that lets developers put together rich client platforms using Eclipse and the dependency management platform
  • A new eGit Eclipse git integration tool

For more information, visit

To read about Boris Bokowski and what he is working on, you can visit his blog:


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Chariot DevNews Episode 15 - Macros, Compositional UI vs HTML/CSS, Python and Ruby goodness

It has been quite a dry spell in podcast land for the listeners.  We've been recovering from running Philly ETE last month, and are just starting to dig out.  Content will now start coming out in regular frequency again on the Techcast. *Phew!*

This DevNews edition is more of a housecleaning of links than before.  The full list we put up there is at, but we only cover about 9 links or so...

News Items (covered today)

The usual podcast disclaimer:  The opinions expressed on the DevNews are those of the participants, and not official positions of Chariot Solutions.  Also, we discuss a few technologies from our partners.  Partners of Chariot Solutions include

  • SpringSource / VMWare
  • JBoss, a division of Redhat
  • Engine Yard

Panelists today:  Ken Rimple & Eric Snyder


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DevNews taking a break this week...

Sorry for the late notice, gang.  Since I run the techcast and I'm consumed with various education admin / teaching responsibilities this week, we're going to take a break for one week.  We will resume next week, and will also start pushing some ETE podcasts as well. Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for listening to the techcast!

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Chariot DevNews Episode 14 - Sinatra, Rack frameworks, Groovy++, Rails 3, Flask and lots more

Until we can load the show notes, please visit


Ken, Eric & Gordon


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ETE Thursday Evening Podcast - ETE Podcast #3

We held an open podcast on the evening of April 8th at the happy hour reception of the 2010 Philly Emerging Tech show.  I had invited James Ward and Michael Cote to sit with me, and see what developed.  Well, beyond the happy hour food and beer, which flowed freely, so did the conversation.  Adam Coombs from Infegy sat down with us, and later Ed Burns from Oracle joined the table.

We had a great time with a wide ranging conversation.  I hope you enjoy it.

Standard disclaimer for a live broadcast:  Of course, the opinions expressed are our own, influenced by food and beer, and not those of our employers...




Thanks everyone!

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ETE Session 2010 #2 - The Great Web Framework Shootout of 2010

Chariot TechCast ETE Podcast #2 - the Web Framework Shootout of 2010

Warning: NSFW

Our last web framework shootout at ETE was in 2008, and we felt it was high time for another meetup. Since then, Rails and Merb have merged, JSF 2.0 was released, Grails has become more mature, Spring has moved into annotation-driven configuration in a big way, and there are still a ton of choices for an architect to make when choosing a web framework.

This year the shootout is led by Robert Hanson, author of Manning's GWT In Action, who was a speaker on last year's podcast. This is a Not Safe For Work download, as it involves some cursing and stronger statements, but overall it's no worse than you'll hear when meeting up with a few of these guys at a bar.

Slides have been published by Robert on his website.  We will have them soon as well as a large number of slide decks at

Speakers in this shootout include, in no particular order:

  • Chris Richardson of Cloud Foundry/SpringSource/VMware
  • Dan Allen and Lincoln Baxter III of JBoss, a division of RedHat
  • Alex Payne of Twitter
  • David Black of Cyrus
  • Scott Davis of Thirsty Head
  • Yehuda Katz of Engine Yard
  • Jeremey Grelle of SpringSource/VMware
  • Ed Burns of Oracle

All told, we have representatives arguing for Rails, Grails, Seam, CDI, Spring, Spring MVC and JSF, but also discuss JavaScript "we are solving problems from 10 years ago," component abstraction -vs- scripting on the page, the eternal Java versus Ruby debate, and many more.

Music for the podcast was performed by Chariot's Andrew Oswald.

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Chariot DevNews Episode 13 - Cassandra likes the Groovy Python Migration Script!

Lots of topics this week.  Shownotes are available on as well. Submit your story ideas as tag "devnewsideas" and we'll look for them before each show.

Thanks for listening.  You can head over to the DevNews forum at PhillyEmergingTech to leave feedback or discuss the show.  Forums:

Chariot Solutions is a SpringSource and EngineYard partner (relevant partners for this podcast episode.

Ken Rimple & Eric Snyder

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ETE Session 2010 #1 - Michael Cote of RedMonk on Cloud Computing

Chariot Solutions TechCast - ETE 2010 Conference Session #1 - Keynote Session from Michael Coté, analyst from RedMonk

I first ran into Michael Coté's work back in 2008 when we put together the Chariot Cloud Con East conference. Among the many grandstanding blogs about cloud computing at the time, RedMonk was a place we could go to read about emerging trends, such as Platform as a Service and Software as a Service.

Useful links:


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Chariot DevNews Episode 12 - Countdown…  HTML in 5, Flex in 4, Spring in 3.0.2, darn!

Show notes available at

Hope to see you at ETE 2010 - if not, please visit the techcast site, or for news about show recordings and video.

Ken & Gordon


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Chariot DevNews Episode 11 - Fluffy Cloud Computing, Rails with any JAR, jQuery for all...

Bookmarks available on


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Chariot DevNews Episode 10 - Lots of Spring and Java today

As always, social bookmarking on for the devnews

However, here are the links...


Follow us on twitter.  Official news:  @techcast and @chariotsolution - Ken Rimple is @krimple, Gordon Dickens is @gordonad

Partner Disclosures

  • Chariot has consulting and/or education partnerships with SpringSource and JBoss


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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 2 - KYW NewsRadio's Steve Butler on Social Media

Steve Butler is the Program and News Director for KYW News Radio, a well-known AM news radio station broadcasting out of the Philadelphia region.  The station has adopted social media platforms such as Twitter and podcasting, in order to disseminate news items and provide longer-format content to their listeners.  Mr. Butler is interviewed by Tracey Welson-Rossman.

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Chariot DevNews Episode 9 - We Drizzle CouchDB all over the MySQL and Gradle it out to teams who pair...

Due to all of my various time constraints, this is the "Brown Bag" edition of the Developer news - now without jazz!

Our show bookmarks can be found on:


Ken, Eric (apparently earlier I wrote Scott) & Gordon


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Episode 54 - Gradle creators Hans Dockter and Adam Murdoch - Part 2

Gradle is an application assembly and build management platform that provides for convention-based build processes like Maven, but also implements a dynamic, groovy-based scripting and plugin system to make it very easy to customize your builds and perform specific steps at any point along the way. My guests today are Hans Docter, who is the creator of Gradle, and Adam Murdoch who is a committer to gradle, and is the CTO of Gradle Inc, a company founded to support development teams working with gradle in the field.

Useful links

This is part one of a two-part series. 

Thanks for listening.  Our podcast audio themes are free theme #3 and #4 from

Follow us on twitter - and send your feedback to @techcast, or the #techcast hashtag.

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Chariot DevNews Episode 8 - Grails, Griffon, Django, db4o and more!

Links to follow soon…  You can read the devcast bookmarks at


Ken, Brent, Eric and Gordon

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Episode 53 - Gradle creators Hans Dockter and Adam Murdoch - Part 1

Gradle is an application assembly and build management platform that provides for convention-based build processes like Maven, but also implements a dynamic, groovy-based scripting and plugin system to make it very easy to customize your builds and perform specific steps at any point along the way.

My guests today are Hans Docter, who is the creator of Gradle, and Adam Murdoch who is a committer to gradle, and is the CTO of Gradle Inc, a company founded to support development teams working with gradle in the field.

Useful links

This is part one of a two-part series. 

Thanks for listening.  Our podcast audio themes are free theme #3 and #4 from

Follow us on twitter - and send your feedback to @techcast, or the #techcast hashtag.

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Chariot DevNews Episode 7 - PyCon 2010, Unladen Swallows, Rocket Scientists, and more

Developer news segments are a weekly program, run by Chariot's application developers and architects.  This week we discuss PyCon 2010 with Eric Snyder.

Links can also be found on at

Submitting a news link?  Just add one with the public tag 'devnewsideas' and we'll try to incorporate it into the show.

Note:  Sorry about the audio in this show - we need to set up better mics for a multi-guest recording...

Links for this show:

Thanks from Ken, Brent, Eric and Gordon!


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Chariot DevNews Episode 6 - Lots of new software releases

All DevNews bookmarks are available at

Thanks for listening!

Ken & Brent

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Episode 52 - Peter Neubauer on neo4j - a graph database

Peter Neubauer (Twitter :@peterneubauer) is the COO of Neo Technology and one of the founders of neo4j - a graph-based database engine.  We talked about the neo4j project and discussed how it can be used from Java and other languages as an alternative that can provide highly scalable access to related data.




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Chariot DevNews Episode 5 - Clojure, Charting, Scripting is Groovy...

Sponsorship:  Our sponsor this week is the Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference.  Early bird registration is extended - get your tickets this week - more information, including our schedule, is available at  Speakers include Uncle Bob Martin, Michael Cote, and many, many others.

You can find the articles we've bookmarked at  Our URL for this week is:

As always, you can bookmark items of interest on and add the tag "devnewsideas" and we'll try to incorporate them into the show.

Ken & Brent

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Chariot DevNews Episode 4 - Grails, Rails, Roo, Java and Haiku!

We have a bevy of good links this week.  As usual, Brent and Ken put together their favorite web links on delicious.  Review them here:

Sponsors from this episode include SpringSource, Sun, and EngineYard.


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Chariot DevNews Epsiode 3 - Rails 3 online seminar, NoSQL, Grails and Flex, Grails Testing, and more!

Chariot Developer News episode #3 - February 1 2010

News Links:

You can follow all of our links on Delicious.  Head over to for the details.


The opinions expressed by Ken and Brent do not necessarily form policy decisions at Chariot, for the US State department, or in the Federation of Planets...

Ah, disclosure law.  Partners discussed in the podcast:

  • SpringSource
  • EngineYard (forgot it in the audio stream but we talked about Rails 3)
  • Sun (discussing the Oracle merger)


  • Brent Baxter can be reached via his blog: or twittered at @brentbaxter
  • Ken Rimple can be reached at the all-encompassing, or via @krimple
  • Send us feedback publicly using #techcast on twitter, or leave a comment on the blog, or privately via email (techcastfeedback at

Upcoming Events:

  • Philly Emerging Tech - early bird special, save $$$ before February 15!  
  • Philadelphia Spring User Group Meeting - February 11th - at Chariot Solutions, 515 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 202, Fort Washington PA.  Details at the Philly Spring site.



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Episode 51 - Brian Sletten on the Semantic Web and what it means for developers

On this techcast, Brian Sletten describes how the Semantic Web helps to define relationships between interconnected data, discusses the various tools and APIs, and how it is already being used, even without our knowledge.

Services like Friend of a Friend (FoaF), tools like RDFa, query tools like SPARQL, are discussed. If you don't know what the Semantic Web is or why it exists, Brian gives us a good overview and it's worth time listening to. Today, the US Government, wikipedia, and other systems are making data available via these mechanisms, as well as online retailers like Best Buy and Tesco.

Sponsor - Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise April 8-9, 2010. Still time to register for the early bird special and save! Details at

Brian Sletten's articles on Semantic Web, REST, and more:
Linked data project: 
Best Buy - blog about using RDFa:
Some open source tools:
SPARQL tutorial:
A couple of good SemWeb Twitter lists:

Brian Sletten twitters as @bsletten, and works for Riot Games, and is part of the League of Legends team.




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Chariot DevNews Episode 2 - Languages galore!

Developer NewsCast #2 - January 25, 2010 Hosts: Brent Baxter and Ken Rimple Our news links can be found at Disclosures related to show content: Chariot Solutions is a SpringSource, Sun and JBoss Partner.

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Episode 50 - Jeremy Grelle on SpringSource's WEB and RIA APIs

For our 50th episode, I sat down with VMWare/SpringSource's Jeremy Grelle, an Open Source developer who works on the Spring WebFlow project, among others. Jeremy will be speaking about Spring's BlazeDS integration library when he comes to town for the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference in April. We talk about Spring 3.0, and about the following APIs: Spring MVC Spring WebFlow Spring Faces Spring JavaScript Spring's BlazeDS Integration library for Rich Flex applications Thanks to Jeremy for coming on the show and taking the time to talk to us.

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Episode 49 - Venkat Subramaniam on Groovy and Dynamic Languages

Venkat Subramaniam is a widely acclaimed speaker, author, professor, and creator of Agile Developer, a mentoring and training company. 

He joined us on the techcast to talk about programming using dynamic languages.  He is well known for his talks and book on the Groovy language, has just published a book on Scala, and discusses his philosophy for applying languages in our talk.

Mr. Subramaniam is speaking at the 2010 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise show, to be held on April 8-9 in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  To register, head over to


  1. Venkat's web site -
  2. Examples of Testing with Groovy -
  3. A great book by Venkat on Programming Groovy
  4. Venkat's Scala Book
  5. Java world Article on DSL

Music today was provided by (free theme #3 is our opener) and by Music Alley.  The takeout music was "Jazz Breakfast" from "Gecko 3".  Warning - if you download it has a few explicit words mixed in, but it's got a great groove!  Artist Information.

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Chariot DevNews Epsiode 1 - Spring 3 ripple effect, facebook friends and more

This is our first Developer News podcast episode. We hope you like it. Links can be found by browsing our Delicious tags. Head over to for the links that made up today's show. Leave us feedback on twitter with #techcast, or email

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