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Eric and Ken talk about Amazon's new DNS server, Route 53, discuss Matt Raible's excellent web frameworks comparison study, discuss resources for Scala from the Basement Coders, talk about a new mixin feature request around the Ruby language, and more.

Disclaimers: Chariot is a SpringSource partner, and uses Amazon and Google services. The opinions of Eric and Ken do not reflect anything other than their viewpoints. Enjoy.

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James Ward has been a guest on numerous podcasts (ETE Evening Podcast - 2010, Episode 34, Episode 18).

He is here this week to give us the state of the state in Adobe's Flash-based RIA technologies, including Flex 4, Flash Catalyst, Air 2.5, and Adobe's support for HTML 5 and CSS 3.  We discuss mobile platform technologies as well, including how Air is being targeted as the mobile flash platform for Android, the Blackberry tablet, and iOS.



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Today's conference session is a talk from this week's Mobile Application Developer seminar series, held by Chariot Solutions, in Philadelphia. 

The talk, "State of the Art for Mobile Application Development", was given by Chariot's Don Coleman, who develops both enterprise and mobile applications in a variety of platforms and languages.  In this talk, he surveys the current landscape of APIs and platforms, and gives his perspective on where things are today, and where they may be moving to in the future.




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This week's show includes BREAKING NEWS (we need some sort of web effect for this) - Apple is joining the Open JDK.  Should really mix things up.

This podcast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions.  We're hiring!  Visit our recruiting page for more details. 

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Recap session with Chariot's Gordon Dickens and Dmitry Sklyut.

Chariot is a SpringSource Education and Consulting partner.


  • Keynote
  • Spring Core
  • Spring Data
  • Grails and Reddis
  • Spring Integration
  • Roo 1.1 release


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Ok, folks.  So many things happened in the past week that we needed to get an episode out to talk about them. Not that Eric or me have any line into correct reasoning behind anything, but we wanted to talk, so here it is:  our Cats-and-Dogs episode!

We have several debates raging in Java-land right now, between the "Spring is a legacy framework" bruhaha, the movement to OpenJDK by IBM, and Apple's deprecation of the OS X JDK.  We attempt to take no side, but we also leave no stone unturned (or is that Tern unstoned) in our efforts to open up debate on these topics...



Standard Podcast Disclaimers:

  • The views expressed are not those of Chariot Solutions, and are opinions of Ken and Eric
  • Chariot Solutions partners with JBoss and SpringSource

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Ken and Eric

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Interview with Mark Fisher - SpringSource, a division of VMWare on Spring Integration

Hosts:  Ken Rimple & Gordon Dickens

Mark Fisher is an engineer at SpringSource, a division of VMWare, who leads the Spring Integration project.  He is a Spring consultant, contributor to the core framework, and works on projects such as Spring Flex Integration and the Spring AQMP project.  A long time member of SpringSource, back to the Interface21 days, Mark has deep roots in what makes Spring tick.

Spring Integration is, as Mark describes it, Spring meets Enterprise Integration Patterns.  In this talk, we discuss:

  • How Mark got involved in the Spring Framework
  • An overview of Spring Integration
  • Discussion of version 2.0 features, including a number of new adapters, additional patterns, enhancements brought with Spring 3.0 and more

Mark is also working on Spring Integration In Action for Manning, which should be released early next year.  He will be doing three talks at SpringOne in Chicago next week, covering Spring Integration, 

Technologies mentioned in this podcast include:

Disclosure : Chariot is a SpringSource consulting and education partner.

Sponsor Announcement

The Chariot TechCast podcast is sponsored by Chariot Solutions.

Chariot is holding training in various Spring courses before the end of the year, including the Spring Enterprise Integration course, which covers Spring Integration as well as Spring Batch, on 12/7.  More details can be found on our training calendar.

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Do you know why you're binding those HQL parameters? Want to make the simplest AppEngine application in Groovy? How about learning about why you're such a bad programmer (that includes all of us, according to the post).

All this and more in today's Developer News for Thursday October 7, 2010.

Have a great week!  - Ken and Eric.

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We've all been very busy of late.  Just got a chance to catch up and so we have lots to talk about in episode #24. 


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Chariot DevNews Episode 23 - I hereby patent strange podcast episode titles...

(Sorry for the delay between shows lately.  It's the summer, and I was away on vacation...)

Especially THIS week, the opinions of Ken and Eric do not reflect the opinions of Chariot Solutions...

Speaking of this week, here are the links, found also on at

Links you can use!

Blog / Podcast Disclosure:  we have partnered or worked in various capacities with a number of the companies mentioned in the show, including Sun, Oracle, Google and SpringSource.

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