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Chariot DevNews Episode 6 - Lots of new software releases

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Ken & Brent

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Episode 52 - Peter Neubauer on neo4j - a graph database

Peter Neubauer (Twitter :@peterneubauer) is the COO of Neo Technology and one of the founders of neo4j - a graph-based database engine.  We talked about the neo4j project and discussed how it can be used from Java and other languages as an alternative that can provide highly scalable access to related data.




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Chariot DevNews Episode 5 - Clojure, Charting, Scripting is Groovy...

Sponsorship:  Our sponsor this week is the Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference.  Early bird registration is extended - get your tickets this week - more information, including our schedule, is available at  Speakers include Uncle Bob Martin, Michael Cote, and many, many others.

You can find the articles we've bookmarked at  Our URL for this week is:

As always, you can bookmark items of interest on and add the tag "devnewsideas" and we'll try to incorporate them into the show.

Ken & Brent

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Chariot DevNews Episode 4 - Grails, Rails, Roo, Java and Haiku!

We have a bevy of good links this week.  As usual, Brent and Ken put together their favorite web links on delicious.  Review them here:

Sponsors from this episode include SpringSource, Sun, and EngineYard.


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Chariot DevNews Epsiode 3 - Rails 3 online seminar, NoSQL, Grails and Flex, Grails Testing, and more!

Chariot Developer News episode #3 - February 1 2010

News Links:

You can follow all of our links on Delicious.  Head over to for the details.


The opinions expressed by Ken and Brent do not necessarily form policy decisions at Chariot, for the US State department, or in the Federation of Planets...

Ah, disclosure law.  Partners discussed in the podcast:

  • SpringSource
  • EngineYard (forgot it in the audio stream but we talked about Rails 3)
  • Sun (discussing the Oracle merger)


  • Brent Baxter can be reached via his blog: or twittered at @brentbaxter
  • Ken Rimple can be reached at the all-encompassing, or via @krimple
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  • Philly Emerging Tech - early bird special, save $$$ before February 15!  
  • Philadelphia Spring User Group Meeting - February 11th - at Chariot Solutions, 515 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 202, Fort Washington PA.  Details at the Philly Spring site.



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