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ETE 2010 Session #4 - Panel Discussion - Challenges with Mobile Development

Today's ETE 2010 session is a panel discussion I chaired on mobile application development.  Panelists were:

  • Adum Blum - @AdamBlum - RhoMobile, a re-targetable mobile application development platform
  • Joe Conway - Big Nerd Ranch (Apple mobile developer, trainer, mentor, co-author of iPhone Programming)
  • Andrew Oswald - Chariot Solutions, developer of the ETE Android application representing Android development
  • Kevin Griffin - Chariot Solutions, mobile developer, with interests in open source mobile application development tools, experience with Blackberry, iPhone development




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Chariot DevNews Episode 16 - Hush huh, Py Py, Hush Hush Maven-I, HTML 5 (sing it!)

Your bi-(hopefully)weekly dish of developer news, served up fresh and hot.  Well, ok, one day later than originally recorded.

An un-expergated version of the links is available at


Chariot Training Events (shameless but relevant plug) related to the show

Partners discussed in this podcast:

  • Sonatype
  • SpringSource
  • Engine Yard
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Chariot TechCast Episode 55 - Interview with Boris Bokowski on Eclipse e4

Today we speak with Boris Bokowski, a committer on the Eclipse Platform UI project, and a Senior Software Engineer at IBM.  His participation in Ecilpse dates back to Eclipse 1.0, when he coded the CVS client for the IDE.

We discuss Eclipse e4, an incubator for new technologies on the Eclipse project.  There are several new features coming as a result of e4, including:

  • A new dependency injection framework for Eclipse bundles, based on the Java platform Dependency Injection JSR
  • A new Rich UI tool, built on Eclipse, that lets developers put together rich client platforms using Eclipse and the dependency management platform
  • A new eGit Eclipse git integration tool

For more information, visit

To read about Boris Bokowski and what he is working on, you can visit his blog:


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Chariot DevNews Episode 15 - Macros, Compositional UI vs HTML/CSS, Python and Ruby goodness

It has been quite a dry spell in podcast land for the listeners.  We've been recovering from running Philly ETE last month, and are just starting to dig out.  Content will now start coming out in regular frequency again on the Techcast. *Phew!*

This DevNews edition is more of a housecleaning of links than before.  The full list we put up there is at, but we only cover about 9 links or so...

News Items (covered today)

The usual podcast disclaimer:  The opinions expressed on the DevNews are those of the participants, and not official positions of Chariot Solutions.  Also, we discuss a few technologies from our partners.  Partners of Chariot Solutions include

  • SpringSource / VMWare
  • JBoss, a division of Redhat
  • Engine Yard

Panelists today:  Ken Rimple & Eric Snyder


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