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Chariot DevNews Episode 23 - I hereby patent strange podcast episode titles...

(Sorry for the delay between shows lately.  It's the summer, and I was away on vacation...)

Especially THIS week, the opinions of Ken and Eric do not reflect the opinions of Chariot Solutions...

Speaking of this week, here are the links, found also on at

Links you can use!

Blog / Podcast Disclosure:  we have partnered or worked in various capacities with a number of the companies mentioned in the show, including Sun, Oracle, Google and SpringSource.

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Chariot DevNews Episode 22 - We've Got Mobile and CI, Digg and grails sharding, and more

Thanks to Kevin Griffin for joining Eric Snyder and myself this week.

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The Chariot DeveloperNews is sponsored by Chariot Solutions. In September we are running a number of training courses in the Spring Framework, including Enterprise Integration with Spring and Hibernate with Spring. We are also running two one-day Maven courses - an Intro and Advanced course. Check our course calendar at

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