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James Ward has been a guest on numerous podcasts (ETE Evening Podcast - 2010, Episode 34, Episode 18).

He is here this week to give us the state of the state in Adobe's Flash-based RIA technologies, including Flex 4, Flash Catalyst, Air 2.5, and Adobe's support for HTML 5 and CSS 3.  We discuss mobile platform technologies as well, including how Air is being targeted as the mobile flash platform for Android, the Blackberry tablet, and iOS.



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Today's conference session is a talk from this week's Mobile Application Developer seminar series, held by Chariot Solutions, in Philadelphia. 

The talk, "State of the Art for Mobile Application Development", was given by Chariot's Don Coleman, who develops both enterprise and mobile applications in a variety of platforms and languages.  In this talk, he surveys the current landscape of APIs and platforms, and gives his perspective on where things are today, and where they may be moving to in the future.




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This week's show includes BREAKING NEWS (we need some sort of web effect for this) - Apple is joining the Open JDK.  Should really mix things up.

This podcast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions.  We're hiring!  Visit our recruiting page for more details. 

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