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What a couple of weeks!

The Philly Emerging Tech 2011 Conference really knocked me for a loop. What a great show, and so much to process from it too. We'll have content coming in very soon, including screencasts of close to a dozen sessions. Look for announcements here and on our blog soon.

The news this week

So, we're joined this week by @kgriffin - no, not Kathy Griffin, Kevin Griffin (one's British, the other is on the B-List...) Kevin talks to us about iOS 5, what we know, what we can say without getting in big trouble. We also talk about some other things such as the HTML5 web workers API.

Then, I run through some articles, including Ubuntu's shiny new upcoming Unity desktop, the move by Oracle to open source Java even more by handing out Open JDK 7 as the new JDK RI (I know, right?), the VMWare vFabric internal cloud offering (Chariot is a SpringSource/VMware partner but we're including it because we talked about the Cloud Foundry offering, and this is a contrasting offering). We take Ben Darfler's (@bdarfler) audio feedback on the inaccuracies of our recent reporting about Jenkins and Hudson. Thanks to Ben for that feedback note!



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