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Rod Johnson is well known for his work creating and leading SpringSource, and the Spring Framework. But did you know he recently started working with TypeSafe organization? He's advising them on their board of directors, and he's working on his own Scala hobby application. He has some views about the language, how to start using it, complexity vs readability, the "No Frameworks" movement, and more. 

If you want to listen to Rod's history working on Spring, have a listen to episode 74.

Advertisement - my co-host for this episode, Michael Pigg, is running TypeSafe's Fast Track to Scala course at our training facility in January 2013. Use the discount code 'techcast' and save $200 on your seat.

Full disclosure: Chariot is a TypeSafe and SpringSource/VMware training partner.

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This interview is a walk through the lead up to and the creation of the Spring Framework with no founder Rod Johnson. Recently, Rod left the company sponsoring Spring, VMware Corporation, and joined up as a board member of TypeSafe to advise them on the future of Scala and other projects.

The podcast, then, is broken into two parts - the first part focuses on Rod's history in creating Spring, what makes it compelling, and how it has developed over the years.

The next part, which will appear on TechCast #75, will focus on Scala, a language that has become more popular of late. Rod is currently advising TypeSafe, the sponsors and creators of Scala, and he has been working on a project for several months totally written in the Scala language. 

Disclosure Note - Chariot Solutions is a VMware consulting and value-added training center partner. 

Enjoy this two-part interview.


Ken Rimple

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This techcast episode features the open source PDF API developer Bruno Lowagie. His iText library has been used by many Java developers. One of the earier open-source Java APIs, iText was originally written to provide PDF version 1.3-compliant output. This was not the first API that Bruno created to handle PDF, as we'll hear in the interview, and also not the first to be open-sourced.

We'll hear how Bruno has participated in the PDF specification, has worked with various document management concerns including encryption, forms processing, and long-term archiving of PDF document formats. One very interesting section concerns how he approached licensing, and some of the challenges faced by developers when they are looking at dealing with open-source users versus paying clients, and how that informs the decisions of his company has he moves the library forward.

For information about the iText library, in both the commercial and open-source licensed versions, you can visit

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Rebooting this podcast starting THIS WEEK!  I hope to have one developer news every other week, starting today.

This summer has been anything but a vacation, with our training exploding and me spending lots of time in the classroom. I've also penned two updates to Spring Roo in Action, so I've been pretty busy. But I realized we haven't been updating the DevNews, so let's get back to it, shall we?


Our Sponsor -special training deals from Chariot Solutions Education Services

Save $200 now on the upcoming Core Spring training on 9/11 - 9/14-2012 at Chariot Solutions in Fort Washington (Philly) PA by using the offer code back2school. Course details at

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  • Chariot Solutions Education Services - Training in Spring, Hibernate, Scala, Maven and more. Visit us on the web at


  • Scalathon 2012


  • Rod Johnson Leaving VMWare
  • Spring project infrastructure maturing
  • FuseSource acquired by RedHat


  • Java Posse #387 - features NoSQL discussion from the Java Posse Roundup 2012 in Crested Butte, CO
  • Chariot TechCast #72 - out on June 8th, Jamie Allen on Scala past present and future

Chariot Authors corner

  • Chariot bloggers - Lyle Anderson - two part article series on Flyway Migrations and Maven
  • Chariot bloggers - Ken Rimple - Spring Roo and Web Flow on Java.Net
  • Chariot bloggers - Anatoly Polinsky - something deeper - Scala: fun with CanBuildFrom - a way of building collections via a type of builder pattern Chariot bloggers -
  • Chariot Bloggers - John Shepard - UTF-16 for Grammars - quick code sample printing out some of the standard grammar elements in the unicode UTF 16 character space.


  • Andrea OK Wright's presentation on Polyglot programming, using Scala as a host language to execute Python code. Extremely well annotated and detailed. A must read if you're thinking of embedding one language within another, as she shows the breadth of techniques available.
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Regular listeners will recognize Jamie Allen's voice from a number of podcast episodes at Chariot. He recently left us to join Typesafe, the sponsors of the Scala language, Akka, Play and other items that make up the Typesafe stack.

We discuss a number of topics, including:

  • Scala helps you write good code out of the box
  • Languages -vs- Frameworks
  • Functional programming
  • A few upcoming features of scala 2.10 
  • Builds in scala
  • Scalathon 2012
  • Training around Scalathon including Chariot's Fast Track to Scala offering which includes instruction from Jamie Allen himself.

For information about scalathon, head over to the event page at

Chariot is a Typesafe training partner.

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Rich Freedman lent some time to talk to Ken Rimple tonight over skype and re-launch the Developer News series, which has been on hiatus since February. Here are some of the topics they discussed:

The developer productivity tools they mentioned were:

  • Notational Velocity - Rich's note taking tool that has an Android API
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Brian Fox is a longtime open source contributor, having worked on Maven 2 and overseeing the development of Maven 3. He is the VP of Engineering at Sonatype, and currently leads the Nexus repository project. The team has just released version 2.0, which includes support for the growing .NET open source community and the NUGET library manager. 

We discuss the evolution of Maven and repository management, the Nexus repository manager, and key features in 2.0, such as the new smart proxy and the advent of Sonatype's new repository license intelligence and health awareness.

Topics covered:

  • Maven 3.0 and futures
  • Maven central
  • Nexus repositories
  • Some Nexus architecture considerations
  • Nexus 2.0, repository abstractions, NUGET
  • Nexus Pro enhancements in 2.0

More information about Nexus and NuGet here.

Chariot is a Sonatype consulting and training partner.

Thanks to Brian for speaking to us today on the Techcast.

You can find Brian's blog entries for Sonatype at Nexus is available at

You can find him on twitter at AT brian underscore fox, You can find out more information about Nexus at

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Here is our interview with ETE keynoter Alex Payne. His talk, Emerging Programming Languages: a Tour of the Horizon" will be featured on April 11 at 8:30 AM.

Links will be updated over time, I wanted to get this out early.

Alex will be speaking in depth about some emerging languages at ETE. This show is a quick introduction to some of the things going on in the industry, but not as comprehensive as Alex's talk will be. We hope to see you there, and if you're not attending ETE we should have the talk available online a short time after the end of the conference.


Alex's first real computer : Mac Quadra.

  • Alex on Sitepoint podcast #39
  • The Strange Loop Sept 23-25 2012 where Alex is helping drive the emerging languages track.
  • Google Go!
  • Scala
  • Haskell
  • Google Go
  • Dart
  • Kotlin
  • R programming language - in last few years, surged for big data

Other topics mentioned

  • David Unger manycore > 24 (1000) cores
  • Portland State University
  • Non determinism / cache coherency

Where to find Alex

- Twitter - @al3x
- web:

Produced by Chariot Solutions Education Services

Upcoming courses through June online now at

More classes added for summer soon.

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Hey, all. Gordon and I cooked up a few tasty items for your digestion this week. We've got

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This is the first in a series of podcasts centered around speakers for the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference. 

My guest today is Alex Hillman. He is a leader in the co-working movement who helped found Independents Hall, known by the shortened name IndyHall ( 

We discuss how Alex got into technology entprenuership, his technical background, how he involved himself in the co-working movement, and we also preview the subject of his talk, Enterprise Makeover: turning cost centers into profit centers.


  • Beanstalk - a web-based project version control hosting platform
  • - a co-working collective in Philadelphia that Alex Hillman helped to found
  • - a web site devoted to the concept of co-working
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In this fine episode, we cover:

Thanks for listening.


Chariot Solutions Sponsors the Chariot TechCast. Visit Chariot Solutions on the web at and learn about our project consulting, mentoring and training services. 

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise is happening on April 10-11, 2012. Early Bird specials run until mid-February. Grab your tickets before they all sell out. See the amazing speaker list, including Yehuda Katz, Matz (creator of Ruby), Douglass Crockford, and many more. 

Ken, Gordon and Steve

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DevNews #41 is brought to you by Chariot Solutions, leaders in software development in mobile, web, and integration, as well as mentoring and training. Find out about our services at


Big thanks and congratulations to my co-host Jason Grittman, who is moving to California - this is his last show (as a regular!). Thanks Jason for all of your help! We'll hope to have you back soon from your new roost in Silicon Valley!


Well, it's a sad day in Chariot DevNews land. We have to say goodbye to Jason Grittman, who is leaving for a new gig on the west coast. 

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Kohsuke Kawaguchi (@kohsukekawa) is the creator of Jenkins, a continuous integration tool he wrote a number of years ago as a way to verify that he checked in his files and didn't affect his multi-developer build. It is safe to say that Kohsuke wasn't the only one with that problem. A huge hit, the Jenkins CI server, which at the time was known as Hudson, reached a wide adoption level, with people installing it officially and even under their desktops in many IT development shops. 

Kohsuke discusses the challenges in developing a tool like Jenkins, which changed names after the new owner of Sun, Oracle, decided that it owned the trademark to the Hudson product name. Oracle has contributed Hudson to the Eclipse foundation, and Kohsuke has continued developing Jenkins, sticking to a build per week strategy, conducting all team meetings in an open IRC forum, as well as documenting project status on their website,

We talk about current efforts, including supporting the plug-in developer community, writing plugins in Ruby, the CloudBees projects he's working on, and more. Thanks again to Kohsuke and Lisa Wells, who lined up the interview.

Show Notes

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