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Brian Fox is a longtime open source contributor, having worked on Maven 2 and overseeing the development of Maven 3. He is the VP of Engineering at Sonatype, and currently leads the Nexus repository project. The team has just released version 2.0, which includes support for the growing .NET open source community and the NUGET library manager. 

We discuss the evolution of Maven and repository management, the Nexus repository manager, and key features in 2.0, such as the new smart proxy and the advent of Sonatype's new repository license intelligence and health awareness.

Topics covered:

  • Maven 3.0 and futures
  • Maven central
  • Nexus repositories
  • Some Nexus architecture considerations
  • Nexus 2.0, repository abstractions, NUGET
  • Nexus Pro enhancements in 2.0

More information about Nexus and NuGet here.

Chariot is a Sonatype consulting and training partner.

Thanks to Brian for speaking to us today on the Techcast.

You can find Brian's blog entries for Sonatype at Nexus is available at

You can find him on twitter at AT brian underscore fox, You can find out more information about Nexus at

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Here is our interview with ETE keynoter Alex Payne. His talk, Emerging Programming Languages: a Tour of the Horizon" will be featured on April 11 at 8:30 AM.

Links will be updated over time, I wanted to get this out early.

Alex will be speaking in depth about some emerging languages at ETE. This show is a quick introduction to some of the things going on in the industry, but not as comprehensive as Alex's talk will be. We hope to see you there, and if you're not attending ETE we should have the talk available online a short time after the end of the conference.


Alex's first real computer : Mac Quadra.

  • Alex on Sitepoint podcast #39
  • The Strange Loop Sept 23-25 2012 where Alex is helping drive the emerging languages track.
  • Google Go!
  • Scala
  • Haskell
  • Google Go
  • Dart
  • Kotlin
  • R programming language - in last few years, surged for big data

Other topics mentioned

  • David Unger manycore > 24 (1000) cores
  • Portland State University
  • Non determinism / cache coherency

Where to find Alex

- Twitter - @al3x
- web:

Produced by Chariot Solutions Education Services

Upcoming courses through June online now at

More classes added for summer soon.

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