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  • Chariot Solutions Education Services - Training in Spring, Hibernate, Scala, Maven and more. Visit us on the web at


  • Scalathon 2012


  • Rod Johnson Leaving VMWare
  • Spring project infrastructure maturing
  • FuseSource acquired by RedHat


  • Java Posse #387 - features NoSQL discussion from the Java Posse Roundup 2012 in Crested Butte, CO
  • Chariot TechCast #72 - out on June 8th, Jamie Allen on Scala past present and future

Chariot Authors corner

  • Chariot bloggers - Lyle Anderson - two part article series on Flyway Migrations and Maven
  • Chariot bloggers - Ken Rimple - Spring Roo and Web Flow on Java.Net
  • Chariot bloggers - Anatoly Polinsky - something deeper - Scala: fun with CanBuildFrom - a way of building collections via a type of builder pattern Chariot bloggers -
  • Chariot Bloggers - John Shepard - UTF-16 for Grammars - quick code sample printing out some of the standard grammar elements in the unicode UTF 16 character space.


  • Andrea OK Wright's presentation on Polyglot programming, using Scala as a host language to execute Python code. Extremely well annotated and detailed. A must read if you're thinking of embedding one language within another, as she shows the breadth of techniques available.
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