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News you can use

Thanks to Sujan and Joel for a great 70th podcast. Brought to you by R3D5 - R2D2's older brother. It knows where you dropped your keys... And it wants $75.00 to bring them to you.

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Show Notes

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Anita Garamella Andrews is VP of Client Analytics Services at RJ Metrics. She has spoken about analytics and other topics at ETE 2013, as well as other events. She talks with Tracey and Ken about how analytics has changed with the advent of large quantities of data. Areas of conversation include data quality, the relative choice of metrics and accuracy versus making actionable information available, and the concept of product analysis.

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Show Notes

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  • Thanks to @tfnico, @lincolnthree, and @mxsb55 for the positive feedback to @techcast on Twitter!
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We talk about a good REST tutorial using HATEOAS, how Capchas have been hacked by a machine learning system, the Jboss Forge project, and more.

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Topic List

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The links

Sponsored by Haydle - ask, answer and rate answers to your company's questions, Data I/O 2013 a conference featuring a variety of technologies and techniques for dealing with large-scale and sophisticated data, and Chariot Education Services, providing training in Java, Spring, Maven/Nexus, Groovy/Grails, Hibernate, Map/Reduce and more.

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In this episode, we discuss the StrangeLoop 2013 conference.

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Susan McPherson has always had a foot in the non-profit world. With a number of years in a board position on Business Council for Peace, and working with Fabian Cousteau to help people to understand the importance of the oceans, but at Fenton, she was able to start helping corporations use tools that NGOs normally bring to advance the public good.

Our interview begins by defining Corporate Social Responsibility, discussing how technology companies are adopting CSR missions to both improve the environment and their bottom lines. We discuss B Corporations, how companies best implement CSR plans, and avoiding greenwashing by being authentic in your goals.

You can find out more about Susan's work at her twitter address, @susanmcp1.

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"I can't stand a standing desk, but I can chase a running VM..."

This episode is light on iOS, heavy on Java and Javascript, and covers some large-scale processing and machine learning articles to boot.


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Untitled Document

This is a pretty busy one, so we'll dispense with the comments and go right to the links.
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This week - it's Not about Furby, but about the new Apple iPhones. Your hosts, Ken Rimple, Sujan Kapadia and Joel Confino talk about whether they'd go out and buy one, whether they still display the same appeal, and what's under the surface that could be a potential game changer.

We also cover former Charioteer Brian O'Niell's Long Tail Treasure trove, a great JavaZone talk about some fantastic APIs he's used, Spring's new YARN framework for Hadoop 2.0, the Go language, $100 tablets, and more robot overlords.

The links

  • Want a quick way to create a fast, Netty-based server? Check out this GitHub project, RestExpress
  • And more about Netty... Why Netty? Java's Native IO (nio) of course!
  • Hadoop 2.0 introduces YARN. But how to ball up some YARN? Let's use Spring YARN for developing Hadoop YARN applications
  • Before he went off to the west coast to work for NING and GroupOn, Brian McCallister worked at Chariot. He has a great JavaZone slide deck - The Long Tail Treasure Trove- a set of APIs he's used on various projects. Joel talks about:
      • Xbean Finder - Find all of the classes in a jar that have your custom annotation. It uses ASM for speed and security.
      • Airline - a Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
      • JAnsi - Eliminate boring console output from your Java apps, let’s you do cools, etc...
      • Netflix Feign - Easily write Java clients that consume Web Services (alternative to Jersey, etc)
      • Jackson module afterburner - a Jackson module that uses bytecode generation to further speed up data binding (+30-40% throughput for serialization, deserialization)

    (pause for cheesy marketing) - And if you act now, much, much more!!!

  • IP Law and FOSS - one can help the other - an interesting take on how copyright, patents, trademark laws can intersect with open source projects.
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The Developer News is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Get trained in Scala, Spring, Grails, Maven, Nexus, and more.

Links, please!

  • A nice, involved, deep tutorial on building a fantasy football league manager using AngularJS.
  • Vert.X has really come into its own - a great article by JavaWorld on version 2.0.
  • Duck, wait for the flash - here is Spring Scala. Now you can not only host scala-based Spring Beans, but define your bean contexts in a handy DSL ala the JavaConfig variant.
  • Spock (a groovy-based JUnit behavior-driven testing engine) keeps impressing Ken - he saw an 'old()' method that blew his mind. Several hours later, he got up and posted a link to this Blog article on mrhaki.
  • How about an Arduino networking board that can communicate up to more than a thousand meters! Wow! The boards are to be mesh-network capable too.
  • Since they're both Spring Geeks, Sujan and Ken spend time discussing this 2011 article on the corner cases around transactional testing in Spring.
  • Somebody, go over and poke Progressive Enhancement with a stick. Is it dead yet? Maybe... Read Tom Dale's take on the subject.
  • The link we've been waiting for - in London, a lens was formed by a building's curved windowed surface that MELTED A CAR - well a bit. Read this fascinating verge article on it.
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Host Tracey Welson-Rossman and I discuss Dr. De Mars' history in remote working, from when she started by using modems, dial-up and tools like telnet and FTP, and today, with cloud-based services such as Google Apps and Dropbox. A good introduction for those who are not yet using cloud-based tools for their businesses, we discuss some of the unexpected consequences of relying on the cloud, including the fact that it is never a good idea to stop backing up your data!

Ken Rimple

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Magnolia CMS is a content management system written in Java that has a long history. Created more than a decade ago, it has evolved into a platform with a significant user base and a large number of third-party extensions that the team dubs 'modules'.

In this podcast, we speak to Magnolia CMS's CTO, Boris Kraft, and to Magnolia engineer Tobias Mattsson.

We first speak with Boris Kraft about the history of Magnolia CMS, and discuss some of the basics of the platform.

Then we interview Tobias, who is the author of the Blossom module. This package provides a Spring MVC web context, which can export content to the CMS from non-traditional sources such as enterprise application data. It uses Spring MVC and annotation-driven classes to expose any data you'd like as content for your project

Tobias is speaking at the upcoming SpringOne/2GX summit in Santa Clara, CA. His topic will be Spring and Web Content Management.

More Resources

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See the shownotes on the podcast page at

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If you ended up here to view the show notes, please view our new podcast URL, on the Chariot Emerging Tech site which also includes screencasts, and much more. It's at

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A recent SSL / TLS vulnerability causes temporary panic in the recording room when Joel knocks over the headphone mixer... But seriously folks, it's a doosie, one we'll be watching over the next few weeks. The mixer mishap is pretty funny though.

Our news items this week:

  • 1 - What, another one? I just got over becoming a craftsman, and that’s after I became more Agile? What’s next, the hyper reactive manifesto? I’m getting it, I’m getting it, geez!!!
  • 2 Candy Chat - Javascript multi-user chat (Jabber) client
  • 3 Bower recommends you check in your dependencies - Addy Osmani -
  • 4 AngularJS - great article on using filters - his Part 1 article on the basics is also good
  • 6 Don Coleman's bluetooth serial plugin is now approved for PhoneGap Build.
  • 7 Docker Jenkins plugin -
  • 8 More security nightmares - the HTTPS, SSL and TLS attack that hacks key secrets of an encrypted connection in 30 seconds or less (or the meal is free?)

The DevNews is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Contact us today to learn about our private training and mentoring capabilities.

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Joel and Ken cover:

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Sujan and Ken talk about Sujan's trip to OSCON this year.

Major themes included Data Science, Functional Programming, and Cloud Services.  Show notes on our blog pages.

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Show Links

We're brought to you by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Looking for training or team, one-on-one mentoring in Java, Spring, Grails, Tomcat/tc Server, Maven or another technology? Contact us, we're here to help you learn.

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The tech cast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions education services. If you're on a development team working in Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, Scala or Android, we're here to help. For onsite training, one-on one or group mentoring, or to attend one of our public classes, visit us on the web at

This week we feature a Philadelphia developer, Andrew Larkin, who works at Comcast as an engineer specializing in accessibility for their various web platforms. He is currently working on an open-sourced Javascript component framework, Xooie, which provides drag and drop, tabbing, and other features and features support for add-ons and additional components.

Comcast is actively looking for external developers to contribute to Xooie and other projects. You can find their open source projects on GitHub at

Andrew runs the Philly Accessibility Meetup which discusses how to design and develop technology that can be used by everyone. Their August 5th, 2013 meeting will discuss five simple rules for accessibility.

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The DevNews is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Visit our website and sign up for private or public training in Android, Scala, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, and more.

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It's the Dev News's 50th show today, yep, that's right, we're turning 50. Stay tuned…


New Philly ETE presentations on

Ken and Joel
(The opinions on this podcast do not represent those of our employer, Chariot Solutions.) 

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This week we're reviewing our favorite tools, development and otherwise.

Joel and Ken talk about:

  • and - two browser-based tools that make fiddling with Javascript easy and fun
  • Trello - a good project-board tool.
  • Codiqa - a browser-based mobile IDE for PhoneGap/JQuery Mobile
  • Apigee - web service / data service hosting platform.
  • Cloudbees - mentioned when talking about hosted development tool suites, includes git/svn, wikis, Jenkins, hosting of the app itself, etc...
  • Flowdock - A great project team conversation tool.
  • Asana - A todo list tool, getting-things-done-style.
  • VIM + CI + Janus = simplicity


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It's the big return of the regular DevNews this week. My co-host Joel Confino and I discuss lots of big data stuff, including:

  • They hype it, then they try to kill it - Why Big Data is not truth - just using Big Data techniques doesn’t make it easy to select good data to begin with, or properly apply statistical and scientific methods, but it does make it faster. Joel and I discuss the pros and cons of this article. Speaking of hype, here's the Gartner Research Hype Cycle for ya.
  • Joel suggests we may want to eat some Kale - Big Data statistical methods in use to find website issues - Introducing Kale
  • Appropos (sic?) of nothing, here's an article that triggered my website security concerns - ever hear of Content Security Policy? Deeper W3C people know about it. It's been implemented in newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, WebKit, Internet Explorer, and other browsers. A draft of version 1.1 has hit, and basically it uses some HTTP headers to turn off/moderate access to embedded scripts and eval() calls. Check it out and add it to your hotlist of security measures.
  • Here's an idea: go ahead and try to write an application that reaches over 90% of your smartphone's population. Quick quiz: which one of the major technologies (iOS or Android) would you reach with one version of your software? If you guessed Android, BUZZZT! Maybe not. Turns out iOs is not fragmenting as much as Android is. Guess Apple gets their users to upgrade more. See what Joel and I have to say about it.
  • What do you know? Ok, maybe not everything. In fact, definitely not everything. To prove it, Sijin Joseph has put together a web page with a Programmer Competency Matrix. The matrix lays out some areas in which the writer feels a person is not knowledgeable (2^n), has basic knowledge (n^2), has expertise (n), or is a guru (log(n))... I knew we'd get SICP in there somewhere - see the books section.
  • We take some time to discuss the article that finally said what we're all thinking. It's time to talk to your Mother in Law - a GigaOm article on LinkedIn endorsements. Wait, this has merit to talk about, because we can claim it's a large amount of data being acquired for use by LinkedIn.
  • Netflix is on(to) something. See this fabulous Github IO Page where they list out all of their open-sourced libraries and APIs and use their own movies template to do so. Simply fantastic, and shows their deep commitment to the open source community. One of their most recent contributions is Genie, which manages deploying code to AWS instances and is on Joel's research shortlist.

To leave us feedback on the show, send us a message on Twitter as @techcast, we'd love to hear from you.

Ken Rimple

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Chariot's Steve Smith attended Apple's World-wide developer conference last week, and we sat down today to talk to him about it.


  • WWDC ticket ordering process fun
  • New hardware releases
  • iOS 7 features
  • OS X Mavericks
  • His view as a mobile developer of iOS over the years including open source projects, etc...

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This week's interview features Fil Maj, of Adobe's PhoneGap project. PhoneGap is a cross-device runtime platform for hosting HTML and Javascript applications on tablets, phones and other hand-held devices. Chariot's consulting practice director Don Coleman joins us as he's worked with Phil on phone gap and plugins, so he lends a hand guiding the conversation. I hope you enjoy this podcast. 

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Our first podcast from Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise is our Javascript frameworks panel. Led by Robert Hansen, author of GWT in Action and host of our prior Web Framework shootout in 2011, it includes developers who contribute to Meteor, Backbone, Ember and AngularJS, four Javascript frameworks that cover the gamut between all-in one platforms to comprehensive client-tier frameworks to strongly focused and less-comprehensive and more configurable ones.

Panel members

Robert Hansen - moderator
Avital Oliver - Meteor Development group, core developer
Tim Branyan - Matchbox - Backbone contributor
Yehuda Katz - creator of Ember, Rails Ruby and other standards projects contributor
Brian Ford - AngularJS Core Team / Google / co-author AngularJS in Action
Lukas Ruebbelke - Senior Engineer WebFilings - co-author of AngularJS in Action

Sponsored by the Chariot Education Services Team.

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This podcast episode is an interview with three leaders of the 2013 Philadelphia Enterprise Hack-a-thon contest, which is being launched at Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise on April 2-3, 2013. 

The interviewees are:

  • Mike Schellhase  - Director of Field Applications - Bentley Systems 
  • Phil Moyer - Managing Director of Technology @ Safeguard Scientific
  • Satwik Seshasai - VP of Engineering at NextDocs
If you can't attend Philly ETE 2013, we'll have the video of their session up shortly after the conference, so stay tuned on our corporate twitter account, @ChariotSolution, or on our multi-media site, for the full video. But for now, if you want to get more information, listen to the interview and also check out their website:
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Lukas Ruebbelke and Brian Ford, both speaking at Philly Emerging Tech this April, are co-authors of the forthcoming Manning book, AngularJS in Action. They are currently preparing for their first Manning Early Access release, or MEAP.

When Brian was working at Google as an intern, he was exposed to the Angular framework and learned quite a lot about it. So much in fact, that he developed the AngularJS Batarang, a Chrome debugging tool, and helped to launch their documentation site, also written in Angular.

Lukas has been working for over ten years as an application developer, starting with programming languages such as ActionScript and Flash, and then moving into the Javascript/HTML 5 world. He came upon Angular and also enjoyed working with it, as it just made sense to him.

In this TechCast episode, we'll discuss this framework, which helps developers put together browser-centric HTML and Javascript applications. We'll find out the major components, such as a very easily understood Model View Controller framework, the ViewModel or $scope, and other features such as services and the all-powerful Angular directives.

Topics mentioned include:

  • Models, Views, Controller
  • The Angular ViewModel
  • Scopes
  • Services and state
  • De-composing pages into multiple controllers
  • Yeoman as a build tool for Angular and other platforms
  • What are Angular Directives?

Books mentioned:

  • Javascript, the Good Parts - Douglas Crockford
  • Javacript Patterns
  • Javascript Enlightenment

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Joel Confino is a long-time consultant at Chariot Solutions. He has spent the last four years working with a large enterprise, here named ABC Corporation, rolling out a new development platform and build process. Joel was one of two speakers at our event, which also included Sonatype's Jason Van Zyl. Joel's focus was building in competitive advantage by choosing to implement continuous integration tools such as Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, and Sonar. 

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