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This week's interview features Fil Maj, of Adobe's PhoneGap project. PhoneGap is a cross-device runtime platform for hosting HTML and Javascript applications on tablets, phones and other hand-held devices. Chariot's consulting practice director Don Coleman joins us as he's worked with Phil on phone gap and plugins, so he lends a hand guiding the conversation. I hope you enjoy this podcast. 

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Our first podcast from Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise is our Javascript frameworks panel. Led by Robert Hansen, author of GWT in Action and host of our prior Web Framework shootout in 2011, it includes developers who contribute to Meteor, Backbone, Ember and AngularJS, four Javascript frameworks that cover the gamut between all-in one platforms to comprehensive client-tier frameworks to strongly focused and less-comprehensive and more configurable ones.

Panel members

Robert Hansen - moderator
Avital Oliver - Meteor Development group, core developer
Tim Branyan - Matchbox - Backbone contributor
Yehuda Katz - creator of Ember, Rails Ruby and other standards projects contributor
Brian Ford - AngularJS Core Team / Google / co-author AngularJS in Action
Lukas Ruebbelke - Senior Engineer WebFilings - co-author of AngularJS in Action

Sponsored by the Chariot Education Services Team.

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