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Joel and Ken cover:

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Sujan and Ken talk about Sujan's trip to OSCON this year.

Major themes included Data Science, Functional Programming, and Cloud Services.  Show notes on our blog pages.

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We're brought to you by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Looking for training or team, one-on-one mentoring in Java, Spring, Grails, Tomcat/tc Server, Maven or another technology? Contact us, we're here to help you learn.

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The tech cast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions education services. If you're on a development team working in Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, Scala or Android, we're here to help. For onsite training, one-on one or group mentoring, or to attend one of our public classes, visit us on the web at

This week we feature a Philadelphia developer, Andrew Larkin, who works at Comcast as an engineer specializing in accessibility for their various web platforms. He is currently working on an open-sourced Javascript component framework, Xooie, which provides drag and drop, tabbing, and other features and features support for add-ons and additional components.

Comcast is actively looking for external developers to contribute to Xooie and other projects. You can find their open source projects on GitHub at

Andrew runs the Philly Accessibility Meetup which discusses how to design and develop technology that can be used by everyone. Their August 5th, 2013 meeting will discuss five simple rules for accessibility.

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The DevNews is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Visit our website and sign up for private or public training in Android, Scala, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, and more.

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It's the Dev News's 50th show today, yep, that's right, we're turning 50. Stay tuned…


New Philly ETE presentations on

Ken and Joel
(The opinions on this podcast do not represent those of our employer, Chariot Solutions.) 

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This week we're reviewing our favorite tools, development and otherwise.

Joel and Ken talk about:

  • and - two browser-based tools that make fiddling with Javascript easy and fun
  • Trello - a good project-board tool.
  • Codiqa - a browser-based mobile IDE for PhoneGap/JQuery Mobile
  • Apigee - web service / data service hosting platform.
  • Cloudbees - mentioned when talking about hosted development tool suites, includes git/svn, wikis, Jenkins, hosting of the app itself, etc...
  • Flowdock - A great project team conversation tool.
  • Asana - A todo list tool, getting-things-done-style.
  • VIM + CI + Janus = simplicity


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