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Host Tracey Welson-Rossman and I discuss Dr. De Mars' history in remote working, from when she started by using modems, dial-up and tools like telnet and FTP, and today, with cloud-based services such as Google Apps and Dropbox. A good introduction for those who are not yet using cloud-based tools for their businesses, we discuss some of the unexpected consequences of relying on the cloud, including the fact that it is never a good idea to stop backing up your data!

Ken Rimple

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Magnolia CMS is a content management system written in Java that has a long history. Created more than a decade ago, it has evolved into a platform with a significant user base and a large number of third-party extensions that the team dubs 'modules'.

In this podcast, we speak to Magnolia CMS's CTO, Boris Kraft, and to Magnolia engineer Tobias Mattsson.

We first speak with Boris Kraft about the history of Magnolia CMS, and discuss some of the basics of the platform.

Then we interview Tobias, who is the author of the Blossom module. This package provides a Spring MVC web context, which can export content to the CMS from non-traditional sources such as enterprise application data. It uses Spring MVC and annotation-driven classes to expose any data you'd like as content for your project

Tobias is speaking at the upcoming SpringOne/2GX summit in Santa Clara, CA. His topic will be Spring and Web Content Management.

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See the shownotes on the podcast page at

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If you ended up here to view the show notes, please view our new podcast URL, on the Chariot Emerging Tech site which also includes screencasts, and much more. It's at

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A recent SSL / TLS vulnerability causes temporary panic in the recording room when Joel knocks over the headphone mixer... But seriously folks, it's a doosie, one we'll be watching over the next few weeks. The mixer mishap is pretty funny though.

Our news items this week:

  • 1 - What, another one? I just got over becoming a craftsman, and that’s after I became more Agile? What’s next, the hyper reactive manifesto? I’m getting it, I’m getting it, geez!!!
  • 2 Candy Chat - Javascript multi-user chat (Jabber) client
  • 3 Bower recommends you check in your dependencies - Addy Osmani -
  • 4 AngularJS - great article on using filters - his Part 1 article on the basics is also good
  • 6 Don Coleman's bluetooth serial plugin is now approved for PhoneGap Build.
  • 7 Docker Jenkins plugin -
  • 8 More security nightmares - the HTTPS, SSL and TLS attack that hacks key secrets of an encrypted connection in 30 seconds or less (or the meal is free?)

The DevNews is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Contact us today to learn about our private training and mentoring capabilities.

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