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This is a pretty busy one, so we'll dispense with the comments and go right to the links.
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This week - it's Not about Furby, but about the new Apple iPhones. Your hosts, Ken Rimple, Sujan Kapadia and Joel Confino talk about whether they'd go out and buy one, whether they still display the same appeal, and what's under the surface that could be a potential game changer.

We also cover former Charioteer Brian O'Niell's Long Tail Treasure trove, a great JavaZone talk about some fantastic APIs he's used, Spring's new YARN framework for Hadoop 2.0, the Go language, $100 tablets, and more robot overlords.

The links

  • Want a quick way to create a fast, Netty-based server? Check out this GitHub project, RestExpress
  • And more about Netty... Why Netty? Java's Native IO (nio) of course!
  • Hadoop 2.0 introduces YARN. But how to ball up some YARN? Let's use Spring YARN for developing Hadoop YARN applications
  • Before he went off to the west coast to work for NING and GroupOn, Brian McCallister worked at Chariot. He has a great JavaZone slide deck - The Long Tail Treasure Trove- a set of APIs he's used on various projects. Joel talks about:
      • Xbean Finder - Find all of the classes in a jar that have your custom annotation. It uses ASM for speed and security.
      • Airline - a Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
      • JAnsi - Eliminate boring console output from your Java apps, let’s you do cools, etc...
      • Netflix Feign - Easily write Java clients that consume Web Services (alternative to Jersey, etc)
      • Jackson module afterburner - a Jackson module that uses bytecode generation to further speed up data binding (+30-40% throughput for serialization, deserialization)

    (pause for cheesy marketing) - And if you act now, much, much more!!!

  • IP Law and FOSS - one can help the other - an interesting take on how copyright, patents, trademark laws can intersect with open source projects.
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The Developer News is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services. Get trained in Scala, Spring, Grails, Maven, Nexus, and more.

Links, please!

  • A nice, involved, deep tutorial on building a fantasy football league manager using AngularJS.
  • Vert.X has really come into its own - a great article by JavaWorld on version 2.0.
  • Duck, wait for the flash - here is Spring Scala. Now you can not only host scala-based Spring Beans, but define your bean contexts in a handy DSL ala the JavaConfig variant.
  • Spock (a groovy-based JUnit behavior-driven testing engine) keeps impressing Ken - he saw an 'old()' method that blew his mind. Several hours later, he got up and posted a link to this Blog article on mrhaki.
  • How about an Arduino networking board that can communicate up to more than a thousand meters! Wow! The boards are to be mesh-network capable too.
  • Since they're both Spring Geeks, Sujan and Ken spend time discussing this 2011 article on the corner cases around transactional testing in Spring.
  • Somebody, go over and poke Progressive Enhancement with a stick. Is it dead yet? Maybe... Read Tom Dale's take on the subject.
  • The link we've been waiting for - in London, a lens was formed by a building's curved windowed surface that MELTED A CAR - well a bit. Read this fascinating verge article on it.
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