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Host Ken Rimple welcomes Chariot consultant and resident front-end expert Drew DeCarme to the show. The guys talk TypeScript 5.0, specifying Javascript with the TC39, Qwik, and more.

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Today we welcome Keith Gregory to the show! Keith is our AWS Practice Lead here at Chariot, and is a prolific writer both on the Chariot blog and his own. We cover some announcements from AWS re:Invent, and do a deep dive into CodeCatalyst, OpenSearch Serverless, Lambda Snapstart, Redshift streaming ingestion from Kafka/Kinesis, and EventBridge Pipes.

The first TechChat of 2023! Hosts Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia are back with plenty of fresh links. Join them for a special 'get off my lawn' episode where they talk about the cloudy layers of modern programming, the dangers of context switching, scaling Mastodon, and the latest releases. 

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