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Anita Garamella Andrews is VP of Client Analytics Services at RJ Metrics. She has spoken about analytics and other topics at ETE 2013, as well as other events. She talks with Tracey and Ken about how analytics has changed with the advent of large quantities of data. Areas of conversation include data quality, the relative choice of metrics and accuracy versus making actionable information available, and the concept of product analysis.

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Susan McPherson has always had a foot in the non-profit world. With a number of years in a board position on Business Council for Peace, and working with Fabian Cousteau to help people to understand the importance of the oceans, but at Fenton, she was able to start helping corporations use tools that NGOs normally bring to advance the public good.

Our interview begins by defining Corporate Social Responsibility, discussing how technology companies are adopting CSR missions to both improve the environment and their bottom lines. We discuss B Corporations, how companies best implement CSR plans, and avoiding greenwashing by being authentic in your goals.

You can find out more about Susan's work at her twitter address, @susanmcp1.

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Host Tracey Welson-Rossman and I discuss Dr. De Mars' history in remote working, from when she started by using modems, dial-up and tools like telnet and FTP, and today, with cloud-based services such as Google Apps and Dropbox. A good introduction for those who are not yet using cloud-based tools for their businesses, we discuss some of the unexpected consequences of relying on the cloud, including the fact that it is never a good idea to stop backing up your data!

Ken Rimple

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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 4 - Open Source Project Selection Part 2 with Joel Confino

In Part 1, Joel discussed licensing models.  In this episode, Joel and Ken talk about the other criteria in his selection process.  


  • License model - See BusinessCast Episode 3
  • Code Quality
    • JavaNCSS - Free tool (and maven plugin) to analyze lines of code / number of methods, MCCabe metrics etc...
    • JDepend - analyzes and checks for cyclic dependencies
  • Runtime Analysis
    • Do a performance test - check CPU, memory, I/O peaks, etc...
  • Design
    • Grade all software by reading the code, checking for code smell, etc. Set a short timebox to see if you can review the code and see structure, organization, etc...
    • Pay attention to Bob Martin's four design principles
    • Can you understand how they organized the code?
  • Project Velocity
  • Pedigree
  • Community
  • Market Penetration - is a good tool here
  • Documentation quality - can you read the docs?  Read the code and understand how the docs relate?  Dev, admin, test, install, etc.?
  • Support
  • Functionality and Features

Enjoy the podcast!

Joel and Ken

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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 3 - Joel Confino on Open Source Software selection - licensing

Today my guest is Chariot's Joel Confino.  He's worked as a consultant with a variety of open source technologies, including Java and Spring, for more than a decade.  Joel has been called upon by management types on various clients to advise in matters such as open source project selection, which can be a thorny process. Today we discuss an open source evaluation and selection process that he has developed and has been made available for review in a public journal (see below).

This is a two-part series.  In the first part, Joel lays out his selection criteria and why he feels most other selection processes are not comprehensive enough for the unique world of open source software.  We then dive into a very informative discussion of open source license models, including the GNU Public License, the Lesser GPL, the Apache license, and variations thereof.

Of course we aren't lawyers, so always consult one before making legal agreements.  But I think if you don't know a GPL from a LGPL, it's definitely worth listening to this talk.

Joel's research, also part of his Master's Thesis in Computer Science, is published in IGI Global's International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications, and is available for $30 online by the publisher.  Disclosure: Joel is not compensated for purchases of this paper.

In part 2, we discuss the other criteria, including code quality, project velocity, pedigree, community, market penetration, and more. We will spend a significant amount of time discussing both static and dynamic analysis of code.  Look for that to be released in a few days.

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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 2 - KYW NewsRadio's Steve Butler on Social Media

Steve Butler is the Program and News Director for KYW News Radio, a well-known AM news radio station broadcasting out of the Philadelphia region.  The station has adopted social media platforms such as Twitter and podcasting, in order to disseminate news items and provide longer-format content to their listeners.  Mr. Butler is interviewed by Tracey Welson-Rossman.

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Chariot BusinessCast Episode 1 - (nee TechCast Episode 36) - Sean Blanda of

I had a great conversation with TechnicallyPhilly's Sean Blanda last week. We talked about how the Philly IT scene is still lively, and about how he and his two compadres Brian James Kirk and Christopher Wink gather and write up news on their lively and informative website. Technically Philly covered our Philadelphia Emerging Tech show in the spring.

  1. Someone who bikes a lot on the trails in Philly (we have a lot of good road biking trails here) wrote an app to track crime on the trail.
  2. Read their article about recycled machines ending up in Ghana
  3. Read up on the state funding issues for Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a capital group based in Philadelphia.

Enjoy the website.  You can hit it from or if you don't want to type so much, and it's iPhone friendly.

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Episode 16 - Ken Interviews DreamIt startup TapInko

In this third interview about startups and technology, Ken interviews two of the founders of TapInko, a marketplace for buying and selling ads.  Ken spoke to Nicolas Warren and John Newell, who architected their application in Microsoft .NET. 

What we find interesting about these three ventures is the differences in approach.  One team focused on getting ideas out quickly, another focused on application development using a combination of PHP and Python, and this team focused on .NET and building out an application framework first.  Listen to this team's approach, as we start in the middle of a conversation about building software out of nothing.  (I need to credit that quote to Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmer...)

Correction: I had originally mentioned that John Valentine was an interviewee, but it was, in fact, John Newell. My apologies.

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Episode 15 - DreamIt Startup PhrazIt talks about their startup with Ken

This is the second in a three part series on technologies and startup companies.  Ken sat down with the founders of PhrazIt, a social web site focused on short reviews of 30 characters or less.  The team originally started, and will continue, a concept called Study Buddy, which would allow college students to find like-minded study mates.

The three founders, David Kosslyn, Ryan Schoen and Shankar Ramaswamy, are college sophomores at MIT and Harvard. 

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Episode 14 - Ken talks to DreamIt startup venture Snack Feed

This is the first in a three-part series of interviews we did at DreamIt, a startup incubator located at Drexel University's science center.  DreamIt sponsors 11 different startups, houses them in the incubator, and gives them some nominal funding and education on the startup process.

Snack Feed uses the social web to share videos between users.  The team members built a FireFox plugin that you can use to publish content to four major vendors at the same time, and also uses PHP and is beginning to work with Google App Engine for some of its' technology.

Ken spoke to Founders Jason Cyril Laan, Christopher (CC) Laan, and Mika Ohiorhenuan.

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