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Host Ken Rimple welcomes Chariot consultant and resident front-end expert Drew DeCarme to the show. The guys talk TypeScript 5.0, specifying Javascript with the TC39, Qwik, and more.

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Today we welcome Keith Gregory to the show! Keith is our AWS Practice Lead here at Chariot, and is a prolific writer both on the Chariot blog and his own. We cover some announcements from AWS re:Invent, and do a deep dive into CodeCatalyst, OpenSearch Serverless, Lambda Snapstart, Redshift streaming ingestion from Kafka/Kinesis, and EventBridge Pipes.

The first TechChat of 2023! Hosts Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia are back with plenty of fresh links. Join them for a special 'get off my lawn' episode where they talk about the cloudy layers of modern programming, the dangers of context switching, scaling Mastodon, and the latest releases. 

Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia cover this weeks's dev news.

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Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia discuss the forgotten OS that powers NYC's subway, virtual threads in Java, and more dev news from this week.

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Hosts Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia are back with this week's dev news: from VIM 9, a push to banish the leap second, and why we all need to know a bit of SQL.

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The boys are back in town! After running through some dev news, host Ken Rimple and Chariot consultants Chris Birster and Drew DeCarme discuss their takeaways from the recent Remix Conf, which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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In this episode, we share an exclusive conversation with Ashley Williams. Ashley is a current member of the Rust Core team. She is the founder of the Rust Foundation and served as its first executive director. She has served as a leader or member of the Rust, infrastructure, and community teams, WebAssembly working group, and the RustBridge and Increasing Rust's Reach programs.

Ashley has been the original author and lead maintainer of many popular developer tools in the Rust ecosystem, from Cloudflare's wrangler, to wasm-pack, cargo-generate, and several others. Previously, Ashley was a leader of the Node.js Community Committee, founded the NodeTogether educational initiative, and served as the first Individual Membership Director of the Node.js Foundation (now OpenJS Foundation).

Ashley has worked at npm, Mozilla, and Cloudflare. Ashley studied Neuroscience and Philosophy and was originally a middle school science teacher in NYC.

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If you ended up here to view the show notes, please view our new podcast URL, on the Chariot Emerging Tech site which also includes screencasts, and much more. It's at

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This podcast episode is an interview with three leaders of the 2013 Philadelphia Enterprise Hack-a-thon contest, which is being launched at Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise on April 2-3, 2013. 

The interviewees are:

  • Mike Schellhase  - Director of Field Applications - Bentley Systems 
  • Phil Moyer - Managing Director of Technology @ Safeguard Scientific
  • Satwik Seshasai - VP of Engineering at NextDocs
If you can't attend Philly ETE 2013, we'll have the video of their session up shortly after the conference, so stay tuned on our corporate twitter account, @ChariotSolution, or on our multi-media site, for the full video. But for now, if you want to get more information, listen to the interview and also check out their website:
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Hey, all. Gordon and I cooked up a few tasty items for your digestion this week. We've got

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Recap session with Chariot's Gordon Dickens and Dmitry Sklyut.

Chariot is a SpringSource Education and Consulting partner.


  • Keynote
  • Spring Core
  • Spring Data
  • Grails and Reddis
  • Spring Integration
  • Roo 1.1 release


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