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In this episode, we discuss the StrangeLoop 2013 conference.

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Magnolia CMS is a content management system written in Java that has a long history. Created more than a decade ago, it has evolved into a platform with a significant user base and a large number of third-party extensions that the team dubs 'modules'.

In this podcast, we speak to Magnolia CMS's CTO, Boris Kraft, and to Magnolia engineer Tobias Mattsson.

We first speak with Boris Kraft about the history of Magnolia CMS, and discuss some of the basics of the platform.

Then we interview Tobias, who is the author of the Blossom module. This package provides a Spring MVC web context, which can export content to the CMS from non-traditional sources such as enterprise application data. It uses Spring MVC and annotation-driven classes to expose any data you'd like as content for your project

Tobias is speaking at the upcoming SpringOne/2GX summit in Santa Clara, CA. His topic will be Spring and Web Content Management.

More Resources

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Sujan and Ken talk about Sujan's trip to OSCON this year.

Major themes included Data Science, Functional Programming, and Cloud Services.  Show notes on our blog pages.

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The tech cast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions education services. If you're on a development team working in Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, Scala or Android, we're here to help. For onsite training, one-on one or group mentoring, or to attend one of our public classes, visit us on the web at

This week we feature a Philadelphia developer, Andrew Larkin, who works at Comcast as an engineer specializing in accessibility for their various web platforms. He is currently working on an open-sourced Javascript component framework, Xooie, which provides drag and drop, tabbing, and other features and features support for add-ons and additional components.

Comcast is actively looking for external developers to contribute to Xooie and other projects. You can find their open source projects on GitHub at

Andrew runs the Philly Accessibility Meetup which discusses how to design and develop technology that can be used by everyone. Their August 5th, 2013 meeting will discuss five simple rules for accessibility.

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This week's interview features Fil Maj, of Adobe's PhoneGap project. PhoneGap is a cross-device runtime platform for hosting HTML and Javascript applications on tablets, phones and other hand-held devices. Chariot's consulting practice director Don Coleman joins us as he's worked with Phil on phone gap and plugins, so he lends a hand guiding the conversation. I hope you enjoy this podcast. 

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Lukas Ruebbelke and Brian Ford, both speaking at Philly Emerging Tech this April, are co-authors of the forthcoming Manning book, AngularJS in Action. They are currently preparing for their first Manning Early Access release, or MEAP.

When Brian was working at Google as an intern, he was exposed to the Angular framework and learned quite a lot about it. So much in fact, that he developed the AngularJS Batarang, a Chrome debugging tool, and helped to launch their documentation site, also written in Angular.

Lukas has been working for over ten years as an application developer, starting with programming languages such as ActionScript and Flash, and then moving into the Javascript/HTML 5 world. He came upon Angular and also enjoyed working with it, as it just made sense to him.

In this TechCast episode, we'll discuss this framework, which helps developers put together browser-centric HTML and Javascript applications. We'll find out the major components, such as a very easily understood Model View Controller framework, the ViewModel or $scope, and other features such as services and the all-powerful Angular directives.

Topics mentioned include:

  • Models, Views, Controller
  • The Angular ViewModel
  • Scopes
  • Services and state
  • De-composing pages into multiple controllers
  • Yeoman as a build tool for Angular and other platforms
  • What are Angular Directives?

Books mentioned:

  • Javascript, the Good Parts - Douglas Crockford
  • Javacript Patterns
  • Javascript Enlightenment

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Rod Johnson is well known for his work creating and leading SpringSource, and the Spring Framework. But did you know he recently started working with TypeSafe organization? He's advising them on their board of directors, and he's working on his own Scala hobby application. He has some views about the language, how to start using it, complexity vs readability, the "No Frameworks" movement, and more. 

If you want to listen to Rod's history working on Spring, have a listen to episode 74.

Advertisement - my co-host for this episode, Michael Pigg, is running TypeSafe's Fast Track to Scala course at our training facility in January 2013. Use the discount code 'techcast' and save $200 on your seat.

Full disclosure: Chariot is a TypeSafe and SpringSource/VMware training partner.

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This interview is a walk through the lead up to and the creation of the Spring Framework with no founder Rod Johnson. Recently, Rod left the company sponsoring Spring, VMware Corporation, and joined up as a board member of TypeSafe to advise them on the future of Scala and other projects.

The podcast, then, is broken into two parts - the first part focuses on Rod's history in creating Spring, what makes it compelling, and how it has developed over the years.

The next part, which will appear on TechCast #75, will focus on Scala, a language that has become more popular of late. Rod is currently advising TypeSafe, the sponsors and creators of Scala, and he has been working on a project for several months totally written in the Scala language. 

Disclosure Note - Chariot Solutions is a VMware consulting and value-added training center partner. 

Enjoy this two-part interview.


Ken Rimple

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This techcast episode features the open source PDF API developer Bruno Lowagie. His iText library has been used by many Java developers. One of the earier open-source Java APIs, iText was originally written to provide PDF version 1.3-compliant output. This was not the first API that Bruno created to handle PDF, as we'll hear in the interview, and also not the first to be open-sourced.

We'll hear how Bruno has participated in the PDF specification, has worked with various document management concerns including encryption, forms processing, and long-term archiving of PDF document formats. One very interesting section concerns how he approached licensing, and some of the challenges faced by developers when they are looking at dealing with open-source users versus paying clients, and how that informs the decisions of his company has he moves the library forward.

For information about the iText library, in both the commercial and open-source licensed versions, you can visit

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Regular listeners will recognize Jamie Allen's voice from a number of podcast episodes at Chariot. He recently left us to join Typesafe, the sponsors of the Scala language, Akka, Play and other items that make up the Typesafe stack.

We discuss a number of topics, including:

  • Scala helps you write good code out of the box
  • Languages -vs- Frameworks
  • Functional programming
  • A few upcoming features of scala 2.10 
  • Builds in scala
  • Scalathon 2012
  • Training around Scalathon including Chariot's Fast Track to Scala offering which includes instruction from Jamie Allen himself.

For information about scalathon, head over to the event page at

Chariot is a Typesafe training partner.

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